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Residential Savings

There are a number of ways that converting to a solar powered home will save you money, both immediately, and for years down the road. The vast majority of our customers only end up paying a small fraction of the actual cost of the system themselves.

​With the purchase of any solar system you will receive 30% of the installed cost of the system back as a federal tax credit. This can be applied to your income taxes in the following years to significantly increase your tax returns.

Washington state will pay you between 15 and 54 cents per KWH of electricity that you produce, even if you use it all. This payment caps at $5,000 each year, and runs through June of 2020. We design our systems to get you the full $5,000 every year. If you installed solar today this alone would earn you a little over $20,000 cash.

Once solar power has been installed on your home you will also begin producing electricity immediately. As you use electricity your home will first use what you're producing. If you produce more than you use the excess will be automatically sent back onto the grid. This builds up a credit on your account. If later you begin to use more than you produce, you will use up your credit instead of paying for the extra electricity. You will always be credited for electricity at the same rate that you are charged for it. We design most of our systems so that at the end of the year you have no left over credit, while also minimizing or eliminating your electric bill.