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We offer numerous different products to best fit your needs. When working with Ellensburg Solar you can be sure that we will use only the equipment that works best for your particular system. Below are some details about the products that we offer.

​Roof Mounted System

Most of our customers go with roof mounted solar systems. All of our roof mounted systems are water tight to prevent any leakage. Roof mounted systems have the advantage of not taking up any ground space, and providing a bit of extra protection to your roof.

Ground Mounted Systems

Ground mounted solar systems are great for people who don't have enough roof space, have too much shade on their roof but plenty of sunny property, or simply find ground mounted systems more aesthetically pleasing. Ground mounted systems can be placed nearly anywhere that has sufficient space and sunlight, and can be angled to optimize their electrical output. We build our ground mount systems from scratch meaning their is absolutely no extra work for you.


Ellensburg Solar installs, sells, and services solar electricity systems all over Washington State. We are based out of Ellensburg, WA and have an office at the Leading Force Design Center in Yakima, WA.  Solar Made Simple is our promise. 

If your home or business uses electricity then we can help you save both money and the environment

We service all of Washington State, and will come to your home or business to determine which system is right for you. 

Give us a call or send us an email and we can switch you over to solar. ​​

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