The steps of going solar

Step 1: Get a free estimate! Ellensburg Solar can take a look at your roof and energy usage and let you know how much it will cost to go solar.

Step 2: ​We will design the perfect system to maximize your long term savings while minimizing the time it takes to pay itself off. Most of our systems pay themselves off in three and a half years, leaving you about 25 more years of free electricity.

Step 3: ​We will take care of all forms and permits leaving you free of bothersome paperwork.

Step 4: ​Our professional team of contractors will install your system. Most installations can be completed in about one day.

Step 5: You get to enjoy the next few decades with an eliminated or significantly reduced energy bill.

Our Process

Going solar may seem like an arduous process but here at Ellensburg Solar we make it incredibly simple. We handle not only the labor, but the paper work too. We can move your home to clean renewable energy in just a few easy steps.  

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