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Featured Jobs

Number of Panels: 1,300​

KWH Per Year: 465,000

Overview: In 2015 we installed about 1,300 solar panels on a hops farm generating over $25,000 a year in electricity.

Job 1

Number of Panels: ​6

KWH Per Year: 2,200

Overview: This awning solar system will reduce the owner's electric needs by about 2,200 KWH per year.

Number of Panels: 72

KWH Per Year: 28,000

Overview: A 72 panel ground mount system, utilizing open property to generate about $250 in electricity every month.

Number of Panels: 25

KWH Per Year: 9,800

Overview: Ellensburg Solar's talented crew proved the diversity of their skill set by building the car port that these modules are installed on in, addition to performing the installation.

Number of Panels: 88

KWH Per Year: 32,000

Overview: Installed on a hay barn this solar system generates about $270 a month of electricity for its owners. 

Job 1