How will this affect my property value?

  Home buyers love solar panels. Studies have shown that houses     with solar panels sell more quickly, and for more money, than     comparable homes without solar panels. Get solar today and watch     your property value soar.

​What if my roof doesn't face south?

  While a south facing house is ideal, homes that face east-west     tend to only be slightly less efficient at capturing solar energy. This     difference can be made up with the addition of just a few extra     panels.

How much maintenance will a system require?

  Just about none. Our solar systems are extremely self-sufficient.     We put them on the roof and you can forget about them while they   go to work. The rain cleans them, and the snow slides right off.     The only maintenance required is the occasional hosing off of any     leaves that might fall on your panels.

Does Washington get enough sun for solar power?

   Absolutely! We get plenty of sun for solar power, additionally, solar   panels are particularly efficient when they are kept cool, making       Washington's sunny cool days perfect for producing solar panel; and   the Washington State rain will keep your panels nice and clean for     you.

How long will my system be good for?

  Our panels are warrantied for 25 years, but     should last for somewhere between 30 to 50     years. Our inverters, which convert the DC     energy that the panels produce into AC energy   for your home, are warrantied for 15 years.

How does this system pay for itself so quickly?​     Our systems pay for themselves in about 3.5 years. In         addition to the energy that they produce you also get a     30% Federal tax credit when buying one of our solar     systems, and you receive a check from Washington     State for up to $5,000, every year until 2020. We     design all of our systems to get you your full $5,000.

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