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Commercial Savings

There are many savings and rebates that are applied to commercial solar systems. These include all of the benefits that are applied to a residential system and several more. Most companies only end up actually paying a small portion of the installed cost of the system.


With the purchase of any solar system you will receive 30% of the installed cost of the system back as a federal tax credit. This can be applied to your income taxes in the following years to significantly increase your tax returns.

Washington state will pay you between 15 and 54 cents per KWH of electricity that you produce, even if you use it all. This payment caps at $5,000 each year, and runs through June of 2020. We design our systems to get you the full $5,000 every year. If you installed solar today this alone would earn you a little over $20,000 cash.

​​Businesses that install solar will also be able to claim a portion of the total cost of their systems on their taxes as depreciation. The exact amount that a business can claim depends on their tax bracket, your accountant can help you determine how much of your system can be claimed as depreciation. 

Some businesses will also be eligible for a REAP Grant. A REAP Grant is a grant for 25% of the installed cost of the system. REAP grants are provided by the USDA and are designed to help agricultural producers and rural small businesses install renewable energy systems or make energy efficiency improvements. To learn more about the REAP grant visit the USDA page here.​

In addition to the numerous rebates and incentives that are available for installing commercial solar power your business will also be saving a significant amount of money on its electrical needs. If your business produces more electricity than it uses the excess will be sent onto the grid and you will build up a credit. Later if you begin to use more electricity than you produce you will start to use up that credit rather than pay for the electricity. At Ellensburg Solar we try to eliminate or significantly reduce your monthly electric bill while also ensuring that you use up any energy credits that you accumulate throughout the year.